Technical Quality Procedures

The basic quality and scope of our service to clients is defined in our Technical Quality Procedures. These cover the technical design procedures of all our professional services and are reviewed periodically to ensure they are in accordance with accepted current design practice and our clients requirements.

A Technical Quality Procedure is produced for each design discipline the practice undertakes and sets a framework of acceptable methods for carrying out the design and checking process. These procedures cover such items as calculation methods, design standards and client liaison. Additional Technical Quality Procedures are produced to cover drawing methods and the production of tender documentation.

To maintain consistency, computer based calculations and document production are used wherever possible.

Administration Quality Procedures

Separate Administration Quality Procedures are compiled for general office administration tasks to ensure a consistent standard of office and project administration. The Administration Quality Procedures demonstrate how the office is run and where individual responsibilities lie.

Tasks covered by Administration Quality Procedures include word processing, filing and accounting together with general office procedures and Health and Safety.