SMC is committed to quality assured design. We pride ourselves in working with our clients and the other members of the design and construction team to deliver a high quality service to our clients. Consequently we operate a Quality System to ensure all aspects of our service are delivered in accordance with our clients needs.

Our Quality System is based on meeting the requirements for registration as a Quality Assured Firm to BS EN 9001: 1994. It is our intention to apply for third party certification of our Quality System at the earliest opportunity.

The benefits to our clients of our Quality System are the confidence that we are managing our jobs effectively and that we are consistently using appropriate working methods and practices. The implementation of an effective Quality System also ensures a consistent approach to each project which facilitates a streamlined project monitoring, checking and tracking system.

We follow the principles and the practice of Quality Assurance, as defined by BS EN 9001: 1994. For each project we define our task and the qualities and resources necessary for its effective execution.