S.Mehboob & Company

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Established in 1980, S. Mehboob & Company is a full service Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Consulting Engineering Establishment specializing in Engineering Disciplines, Management Consultancy and Building Services.

During its over 37 years of excellence SMC has over 800 projects to its credit and is one of the most well reputed consulting firms in Pakistan. With a team of dedicated professionals at its core, the company believes in modern and innovative design concepts which have proven to be its competitive edge. The firm currently employs over 120 permanent staff as part of its Engineering discipline.

Projects undertaken cover a wide spectrum of industries and the company's services are available not only in Pakistan but also internationally.

Our Mission Statement

SMC is dedicated to providing excellence in engineering services to our clients within their budgetary and Technological Constraints and it is committed to the success of its projects as a goal.


Our approach is to interact in the maximum possible way with our clients and then deploy the most effective resources on the project. Since the success of the clients project is our primary goal we are willing to go the extra mile and develop solutions that are innovative, cost effective and reflect engineering excellence. Our internal design approach reflects a participative methodology with rigorous attention to detail.

SMC is a firm that is abreast of the latest technology, it is a firm which is multidisciplinary with committed principals who are stake holders in the enterprise ensuring continuity. SMC has had exposure to the most sophisticated clients be it multinational Corporations, Developers, Government, NGO's or Institutions resulting in a wealth of experience which we bring to bear on each new project.